Crane’s Brake Control on board 787 Dreamliner during visits in Asia


News Facts:

  • As the Boeing 787 Dreamliner traveled through the Asia-Pacific region as part of the third segment of its worldwide Dream Tour, Crane’s Brake Control and Antiskid System was on board in Singapore.
  • Crane provides the Brake Control and Monitoring System for the 787, which combines brake control and antiskid, SmartStem® wireless tire pressure sensing, and brake temperature monitoring into a single system.
  • The 787 Brake Control and Monitoring System was showcased in the Crane Aerospace & Electronics exhibit at the Singapore Airshow last week.
  • With more than 60 years of experience, Crane Aerospace & Electronics is a leader in aircraft brake control systems worldwide with over 25,000 systems delivered and in service today.

Supporting Quote:

“These integrated technologies build upon Crane’s expertise in antiskid control, brake temperature monitoring, and wheel speed and tire pressure indication,” said Dave Bender, President of Crane Aerospace & Electronics. “We are proud to provide Boeing with our new brake control system for the innovative 787.”

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